New Things

Standing at the top of a brand new year, there are many things that I hope to see. It’s like looking down a long road, free of traffic and distractions. At this early stage of the year, it could lead anywhere.

There are new things that I am hoping for.

I’m hoping for at least one man to step out of the bonds of addiction this year. I want to see one girl understand her past does not define who she is. I want to see one child dream past the grinding poverty of his life.

I want to see myself helping to make that breakthrough.

I want this year to be significant, to make an impact that will echo into eternity. I know there is only one way to do that.

As I pour myself out in service to others, I want God to pour into me. I want to grow, and I want to change this year. I don’t want to do it to make myself feel better, or because I have to, or because it’s my job.

I want to do it to be more like Jesus. I want new things to happen in me this year too. Only then, can I be the kind of person who helps new things happen for other people too.

Let’s make this one count.

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