New Year, New Things

Happy New Year!

Here we are standing at the top of 2016! It seems almost unbelievable in so many ways as we look back over the past year. Lots of things happened this year…the women involved with Free The Girls saw their businesses take off, we have seen success as several of our clients in the Lighthouse Project celebrated months (and even a year!) of sobriety, and we have seen the doors open on A New Dawn as kids begin to come in off the streets and find love and hope.

So what is new for 2016?

There are lots of new things! We have new missionaries joining our staff this month, we anticipate the opening of Phase II of A New Dawn, and we look forward to seeing a trend of upward growth in all of our programs and ministries this year.

We also have some news! Our family will be taking a 6 month sabbatical starting this February. We have been serving in El Salvador for 6 years with brief trips back to fundraise and visit friends and family. The time has come for us to take a longer break, find new perspectives, focus on our family, and dream about the future. We will be leaving in a month so please join us in praying for all the last minute details to come together!

We also want to make sure that everyone knows that things will continue to move forward here in El Salvador and we will still be involved (from a distance) with our ministries, projects, and service teams. We have full confidence in our staff that they will keep things moving forward!

We also want to ask that all of our donors continue with their regular support. We will still have operational costs to cover, and staff salaries to pay even though we aren’t in El Salvador. We will also have additional costs once we are back in the States so we are still counting on regular support for MTES and for our family.

As we stand here at the top of 2016 we look forward to seeing what will happen this year and we thank you in advance for being a part of it!

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