Ninos de la calle de El Salvador (Street Kids of El Salvador)

I figure since Danielle does most of the posting (ok, pretty much all of it) I better take a turn. Now let’s begin this post by saying that this probably won’t be as good as Danielle’s, as she is very gifted in writing, but I will try my  best!  The title translates to Street Kids of El Salvador and that is where I want to focus. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a conference on street kids, children at risk, children in crisis, etc. There were a good bit of take aways, but what I enjoyed most was that I heard from many different people who work in this arena who are from many different non-profits here. It was great to hear how others are doing things in this culture, both, things that are working as well as things that are a complete disaster.  It can be very discouraging, for me, seeing all of the kids in the street and hearing story after story of broken families and families in need of help, but it was encouraging to talk with some of these people and know that even though there are so many issues and kids here, that making a difference even one at a time helps. There are so many needs here and it was good to take away a few tips in how we can work with the kids and have a bigger impact. 

On another topic, I want to share a story and something that I hope will happen to us one day….. We recently went to a birthday party for one of Tori’s friends from her school. This little girl’s parents are in charge of an exchange program at a local Jesuit University here. They are a great family and with the exchange program they work out in the poor communities doing different programs and projects. As we were sitting there a poor family came walking in. You couldn’t really tell they didn’t have a lot as they were dressed in their best clothes and were trying to fit in with the others around. They were carrying a box for their present. The next couple minutes were just like a normal birthday party, but then I went to get more refresco (a drink here in El Salvador). I noticed the box was moving and making noises. I happened to be next to the birthday girl’s dad and started inquiring. He said that they were 2 chickens and were from such and such family. This poor family came bearing gifts of chickens and all I could think of is WOW! That is amazing! First off, this family is so connected to this community that they invited a few families from it, but secondly they got a “REAL” gift, one that was a huge sacrifice to this family. Not to mention how many people can say they got live chickens for a birthday gift!!! When I said at the beginning I hope that happens to us, I say that because I know if it does happen we truely are reaching people and God is using us to have a lasting impact here!

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