One Life

This morning I’ve got two sniffling, coughing kids tucked under blankets on the couch, and Jon and I are fighting a cold too. Nothing like sharing everything as a family! I figured since I had a few quiet minutes I would take advantage of the opportunity to share with you an exciting conversation that Jon had this week. But first let me back up a little…

In July, we began our street kid ministry to the teenagers and young men who live on the streets of San Salvador. One young guy, we’ll call him “Raul” was one of the first to come and be a part of this ministry. Raul found himself living on the streets, caught up in addiction.

Raul found his way to the base’s doorstep, where he met not only Jon but also the other staff of YWAM El Salvador. Many of us prayed with him, and encouraged him to consider doing more for his life than living on the streets and living just to get high. He was very open to change and expressed a desire to get out of the cycle of life on the streets. He began to come each week, and he also would stop by occasionally asking for us to pray with him. And then suddenly, he was just gone. He didn’t come around anymore, and we didn’t seem him on the street when we were out driving around. We wondered what happened to him.

And then, this past week we found out. Raul stopped by the base asking to speak with Jon. He and Jon talked for quite awhile about what had been going on in Raul’s life. He had left the streets and gotten involved in a local church. He was now off of drugs and working. And the most important thing of all? Raul was now a follower of Christ. He had made that decision first and then these other choices had fallen into place.

And the thing that really blew our minds?? He told Jon that the seeds that had been planted in his life from our street kid ministry were the catalyst for changing his life. Incredible!

But we know it’s not us.

It’s God, and when we are faithful to obey Him, He changes lives. We also know that all of our supporters are a part of changing Raul’s life as well. Supporters who pray for this minstry…supporters who donate financially…supporters who send clothes and toiletry items to make this ministry possible. So thank you for changing a life!

We are now going to be coming alongside Raul and encouraging him as he has a strong desire to help other guys on the street. He will be sharing his story of personal change with many people over the next few months. He is choosing to take his one life to invest in bringing hope to many others.

So what about you? What life are you investing your one life in?

5 Responses to One Life

  1. That is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this story and for the ministry that you all are a part of here in ES. God is so good!!!

  2. What a great (and quick-to-happen!) picture that what you’re doing is bringing about real change! Raul can now go reach many more guys than you would on your own, since he’s “one of them.”

    Great how God uses relationships to heal lives.

  3. How wonderful to read this story of how God has worked in this young man’s life! I’m so grateful to God for what He has done for Raul and also for allowing you to see this fruit from your ministry.

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