It’s quiet in my house this morning…too quiet. No dog barking, no dog collar jingling….just quiet. Yesterday we said good-bye to our yellow lab, Buddy. He was such a good dog, and he made the “big move” from the U.S. to El Salvador with us. He’s been a part of our family since the very beginning, and I met Buddy when Jon and I first started dating. The whole family is grieving the loss of our “Buddy.”

If you are an animal lover than you know how heart-wrenching it is to lose a pet. I will be forever grateful to Buddy for looking out for our family, and for making the transition to El Salvador a smooth one for our children. It feels like a chapter in my life has closed, and maybe that’s why the death of a pet hurts so deeply. The house won’t always sound so quiet, and the kids will remember the good times, but for now we’re all just sad.

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  1. Missing Buddy. When we were there last and Bailey was gone, I really missed her, but I didn’t say too much because I know how sad you were. It was nice to have Buddy there. Now he’s gone too. I’m so sorry. He has been a member of our family since we first met Jon. I love you.

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