Sewing Class

On Monday mornings we have a women’s meeting open to any woman who is living or working on the streets. The meeting is an opportunity for them to let their guards down a little bit, and to take some time to talk together, to reflect on God, and to discuss what the Bible has to say about their lives.

A few weeks ago we used that time to do a sewing class with the women, utilizing some donated sewing machines that we have at the center. My mom, Sue Frech, was here for a visit so she spent two Mondays teaching the women how to make a basic handbag. Our staff joined her to help teach the women, and Tori also wanted to be in the class so that she could learn how to sew.

Two women came and learned some basics about sewing, and had the opportunity to choose the thread and fabrics that they wanted to use for their bag.

The women that came both live on the streets, and they both entered with the world on their shoulders. But there is something healing about creating things with our hands and as I stood back and watched the class I could see brows furrowed in concentration lift in smiles as the women were able to work the cloth through the machines.

It was a also a joy to watch my mother and my daughter working side by side on this project. Tori was so proud of the bag she made, and even prouder that Nana helped her do it.

I took some pictures, but I am no photographer so they turned out too dark. I hope that you can still get a glimpse into our sewing workshops.


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