Sharing the Love

One of the things that I love about El Salvador is the way that Valentine’s Day is celebrated. It is more about love and friendship, than simply a romantic holiday. One of our staff members, Oscar Garcia, wrote this post to share a few words to reflect on this month. Check it out…

We are in the month of February…a special month where love and friendship are heard and seen on every corner. Individuals make an effort to show love for their spouses, their families, and their friends through flowers, cards, jewelry, chocolate and anything that they can come up with to surprise their loved ones and show their appreciation. Throughout the month, we see worldwide expressions of love and friendship. Different cultures, countries, communities, and individuals find different ways to share their feelings, and show how much they care by presenting their friends with gifts that show not just a romantic sentiment, but also a bond.

We all want to surprise our friends with a special gift. Some take time to handpick a gift weeks or even months in advance. Others are more last-minute, rushing hours before the special day to find just the right gift. Some may spend lavishly to buy many gifts, and others have no extra money to spare, yet still manage to do something for those they cherish. Sometimes, spending less money can even make the gesture all the more meaningful than a fancy high-priced item. We do this rushing around to buy just the right gift, and make these grand gestures to surprise our loved ones, to show we care, and to show them how much they really mean to us.

On Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. This year let’s think about that and have a different kind of celebration by sharing the love, friendship, and feeling of community with those around us who may be struggling through a difficult situation. We all have neighbors who may be hurting. Let’s help those on the streets, the poor and sick, those in pain right next door…let’s help those we meet each day in our communities, and in the places we study and work. Let’s take the opportunity to share the love…to be different…and to even give of our time to serve someone else.

There are small ways to serve others that make a big impact. We can share a cup of coffee, a few minutes of conversation, a cookie, or even a meal. If we don’t have the resources to give, we can even take a few minutes of our time to pray for someone, to pray for their lives, and to pray for their family. Let’s share the love this February!

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