Sick Day

Life here in El Salvador is definitely full of paradoxes! One of the things that we learned at MTI during our training was that living on the mission field has ups and downs, the good and the bad coexist everyday. I have experienced that this week. My previous post was entitled “Beach Day” and you may notice this one is entitled “Sick Day.” Earlier this week we spent a beautiful day at the beach, and yesterday I spent a miserable day curled up on the bathroom floor. I was very sick for a full twelve hours. We knew to expect sickness to hit us off and on for the first six months or so but believe me, I was praying for death yesterday! But today I am on the mend and hopefully none of us experience any more “sick days” for awhile!

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  1. hey guys,

    so sorry to hear you were sick! we’ll pray those days are few and far between!

    how are the kids doing? do they like their new home?

    thanks for keeping up with your blog…glad to hear how things are going in your transition!

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