Small Successes

In El Salvador, many times we count the small successes as big ones. This weekend we are rejoicing in one such success.

Three years ago, we were fundraising and in the process of transitioning out of our home in Pittsburgh. Our main goal for moving to El Salvador was to enter into the lives of the people of El Salvador, particularly the fatherless. We had a dream of seeing the fatherless connected with their true Father, and to see them begin a life-long journey of coming to know Him. Beyond that, we also came with the hope of bringing physical and emotional healing and seeing people’s lives change holisticly.

The thing we have learned is that small successes come by small steps. Day by day, moment by moment walking through life with people. One of those people is a young man named Roberto. We are seeing flickers of change growing in his life. He is a boy who has lived at CISNA and been involved in our soccer ministry. Now he is 18 and it’s time for him to move out of CISNA and to be on his own. He has not received a good education, and he does not have a family structure to support him. He has suffered much in his young life and he has questions. He has questions about God, and he wants to know more.

Starting Sunday, Roberto will be living at the YWAM base as he explores more about God, and gets some answers to his questions through the Discipleship Training School (DTS) that starts on Monday. Our staff will be going the extra mile to work with him one on one. Roberto can barely read and write so we will be helping him through the projects required by the school. He will have the chance to interact with others who are on the same journey towards knowing God, and he will experience true community for the first time in his life.

Friends, this is success. Yes, it’s a simple decision and a small step for him but we count it as a great success because he is choosing not to go the way of the gangs, and of violence. He is choosing to reach for more than the pain of his past. He is choosing to start a journey that we pray will lead him into a true relationship with the most loving Father of all. This is our dream…to see children with no father come to know the true Father. This is why we are here.

Please pray with us for Roberto. Pray that God would meet him in a real way through this school. Pray that Roberto will never be the same, but that he will leave his time in the school with a purpose.

We also ask you to pray with us for the finances for him to complete this school. We offer a scholarship to all Salvadoran students who want to take the DTS. Even with the scholarship the cost of his room and board for the next three months is a total of $850. At the end of three months, the students go on a field assignment to put into practice everything they learned during the school. The two month field assignment is $1200 per student and includes room, board, and transportation. That adds up to a total of $2,050 over the next five months to cover all of Roberto’s costs.

We are looking for donors who are willing to sponsor Roberto as he takes this next step in his life. We need people to stand behind him and support him as he chooses to go against all that his circumstances would dictate. Our family will personally be helping him. If you would like to join us in sponsoring Roberto please email us at to let us know that you would like to be part of his support team. We also are asking for individuals who would commit to praying weekly for Roberto during the next five months. Please contact us if you would like to be part of his prayer team.

We want to thank all of you who pray for us, and who donate to our ministry. We cannot thank you enough. So many days, it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle but today we are celebrating this small, but eternally significant, success. We hope you will celebrate with us.

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