Spider Slaying and Other Adventures

I have a new name…just call me “Spider Slayer!” I’ve killed two ugly, hairy tarantulas during the last week. I’m not the type who is afraid of bugs or insects but I don’t like anything that SQUISHES when you kill it. Let me assure you that these things definitely squish.

Of course, the first lovely spider arrived in my dining room while Jon was in the States. He took a quick trip last week to grieve the loss of his grandfather and support his family during this difficult time. Thankfully, he found a discounted plane fare at the last minute and was able to make this trip. His grandfather Hetzel Snyder will definitely be missed!

Meanwhile, the kids and I held down the fort, defending our own against invading spiders. A scorpion was also spotted in the yard, and I was jolted out of bed one night by a very noisy tremor. But I survived, and things have definitely calmed down since Jon returned.

In other news, the kids actually got to go Trick or Treating this year with some friends who live in a neighborhood that had an organized Trick or Treat for the kids. It was a lot of fun, and we went to a party afterwards where we ate pupusas. I’d have to say that pupusas on Halloween is definitely a first for me! But the kids had a blast, and they loved dressing up!

My parents are also here for the week, and we put them to work delivering aid to the San Vicente region the day after they arrived! It’s been several weeks since rains devastated El Salvador. The relief effort is ongoing, and if you’d like to donate, you can do so by visiting the homepage of our site.

I’m realizing that this post is all over the place, but that’s a quick update for you of what’s happening around here…and I did get to kill a second spider the other night. Thankfully it was smaller than the first, so it didn’t squish quite as much. Here’s a picture for your enjoyment:

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