Spring Break

We just arrived back in the city after two days at the beach. We are in the middle of Semana Santa, which means “Holy Week” and everyone has off of school and work. My mother-in-law is here so we are doing some fun touristy things and getting a moment to catch our breath.

My favorite part of spring break is not the beach, or the special events, or even the change in the routine. My favorite part is that my kids are in the house all week. I love hanging out with them and I know that all too soon spring break will be time that they want to spend with their friends, or it will be a vacation that they get from the far away college where they attend.

So I am enjoying the little moments like watching my son “surf” on a boogie board at the beach and waking my daughter up at 1 am to watch a lunar eclipse. (Which was totally awesome by the way!)

These moments can’t be replaced, so thank you God for spring break.

IMG_2702Mother/Daughter universe watching at 1 am!

moon photoThis is how the moon looked over San Salvador during the lunar eclipse this past week. Absolutely amazing!

Photo Credit: La Prensa Grafica 

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