Street Ministry Christmas Party

We are Stateside right now enjoying our first vacation since we started our work in El Salvador! We are having a great time relaxing with our family and just getting a break, but we have had some “culture shock” which I’ll write about in a later post. I just wanted to share with you a few photos from our Street Ministry Christmas party.

We shared a Christmas dinner with the guys that was catered by chefs who are friends from our church, spoke to them briefly about why we celebrate Christmas, and gave them some gifts. They were many joyous faces, and we took the opportunity to get to know these guys better.


The delicious turkey dinner ready to go! In El Salvador turkey (pavo in Spanish) is the traditional Christmas meat.

One of the youngest boys posing with the Christmas tree. He has been on the streets for most of his young life.

Another one of our friends.

Karla, one of the DTS students who will soon be joining YWAM as a staff member was such a great help during the Christmas party!

Judy shared a brief reflection on what it means that Christ is our Savior, and how we can have changed lives because He came into the world.

We are so glad to have the opportunity to touch the lives of these boys and young men. Some of the guys here are involved with the street gangs in El Salvador with futures that look very bleak. Please pray for them.

A picture of Judy holding up the beautiful Christmas tree cake, also so generously made by our friends!

Enjoying the feast! For these guys, this is the best meal they have eaten all year. They ate seconds, and enjoyed the delicious dessert!

And, of course, Ian enjoyed some cake too! The street ministry is a part of our ministry that our kids really enjoy doing with us…they are really developing relationships with these guys, and when they aren’t there the guys always ask where Tori and Ian are!

The gifts for each guy with their names on them. Some of them received a new shirt, some a new washer for their windshield washing odd jobs. Each of them received a super sized candy bar which they loved!

The guys with their gifts. Thank you to all of our donors who give so generously…you made a difference for these guys this Christmas!

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