The Biggest Kingdom on Earth

We serve a BIG God…a really big God. Bigger than us, bigger than our churches, our denominations, our ministry organizations, our countries, and bigger than our imaginations. I got a taste of the hugeness of God’s kingdom this afternoon.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that right now I am currently taking a Discipleship Training School through our organization, Youth With A Mission. As part of that program we spend three hours each week in intercession. Intercession is basically spending time talking to God on someone else’s behalf. Wednesday is a time that we spend interceding for other nations in the world. Today we focused on the 10/40 window which is the part of the world that has the poorest of the poor, and very few missionaries. These countries are the birthplace of many animistic religions, as well as Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. There is a lot of violence and fear in the lives of these people. So today we dedicated an hour to praying for this region.

As we were praying I could not help but feel the biggness of God’s Kingdom. Yes, it’s not just on earth but here on earth it’s the biggest show in town, by far. So we prayed for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Northern Africa, the Middle East, China, Indonesia, India, and so on.

We prayed as people from four different nations. We prayed in two different languages. And together we prayed for freedom from fear, for protection of life, and for hope to break through on the other side of the world.

I know God works when we pray. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. But today I felt a connection to the lost billions in the 10/40 window. Some struggling for their lives today, some struggling for their dinner, some just struggling for hope.

In our group we have some who have left a life influenced by gangs, some who are hurt by their parent’s divorce, some who were drug addicts, some who had trouble with the law, and some, including myself, who were caught up in the daily distractions of suburban America. 

We are just a few in the city of San Salvador. But there are “just a few” today all over the world. In Toronto, in New York, in Nairobi, in London, in Tokyo, in Buenos Aires, in Auckland, in Moscow, and everywhere else. And God’s Kingdom grows, it moves, it takes ground, it’s alive. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

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  1. Awesome! I have chills reading this. Today in my quiet time, God took me in the opposite direction – from the big picture of His kingdom found in the Psalms to the minute way He works in my life. His kingdom is both, just like the physical world He created – the minute parts of the atom to the unfathomable universe.
    Thanks for the perspective. I love it that God uses you to speak to my own heart and I love it that He is using you to move His kingdom forward in the world.

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