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We are in the middle of a busy season in our lives, but I’m still trying to make my way through a few books. One of the books I’m reading right now is called “The Just Church.” It’s a book written by International Justice Mission staff member Jim Martin. I’m about halfway through and I’ve already been inspired by the story of his journey to lead his church into becoming a church with a heart of justice.

One of the things he mentioned that really resonated with me is the “failure point of faith.” He talks about weight training and how muscles need to fail to become stronger. Our faith is similar. When we are confronted with terrible injustices and horrible things our faith gives out. But it also grows as we fail again and again and have to lean more on God. I completely understand this because I feel like I live there…in the failure point and in the doubts.

This element of “failure in order to grow” can be a positive element of short-term mission trips. When someone is willing to leave their comfort zone to enter into a situation that stretches and challenges their faith, they are in a good place of growth. This week we have a team from Discovery Christian Church, our sending church back in Pittsburgh, serving with us. They have been stepping out of their comfort zones all week and I am encouraged to see how God is working in their lives as they are willing to go to the failure point and to engage the injustices here in El Salvador.

I am grateful to be part of a church that has this heart for justice. Discovery has backed us up from the very beginning of our ministry in El Salvador. My prayer for all of us is that we would be willing to fail in our faith over and over again as we enter into the really screwed up places in this world. My hope is that as God’s church we would be open to the ways He wants to use us to bring justice, and peace, and change to a world in desperate need.  Thank you Discovery for serving with us, and thank you for your heart of justice.

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