Timing is Everything

Yesterday morning was kind of a rough one at the YWAM base. We were going through some financial things, some staff issues, etc. This is all normal stuff that anyone in our type of work is constantly revisiting. By the end of the meeting we were all feeling pretty frustrated. I for one find myself growing impatient and frustrated sometimes because of the lack of finances that we are often faced with. We are a non-profit, non-government organization in a developing country. This is not the way to make the big bucks…haha.

We all raise our own salaries, we all find churches and individuals to support our work, and we all feel the strain of finances. It’s a lot harder to raise support in developing countries, then in North America. Our family has been greatly blessed to have so many of you standing behind us financially. Many of your gifts also go to sustain the ministry at the YWAM base. But for some of our co-workers they feel the stress of not being able to find donors. It’s a tough place to be.

We want to grow. We want to impact more people. We want to change San Salvador. It’s a big dream but we’re going for it. But it’s a hard road. Yesterday we were feeling down like we were never going to reach our dreams.

Francisco, our director, has a lot of dreams for the base. He wrote them down a few years ago when he became the director. One of them was a new vehicle for teams. Right now we use the back of our pick-up truck, or we have to rent a micro-bus. They are the best way to transport people around here. With a micro, we can drive the whole staff in one vehicle, take kids to activities, transport teams. But they cost a lot of dollars…like thousands and thousands.

An impossible dream.

But, nothing is impossible with God and His timing is everything. His timing was such that yesterday, in one of our most frustrating and low moments as a staff…we got a micro-bus! A generous donor stepped up and made this dream happen. God is good. God is big. God knows the right time for everything.

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