My Top Ten Biggest Things I’ve Learned in the Last Two Years

Today I was chatting with another mom while we were waiting for Ian’s Kinder class to be dismissed. She asked me how long we had been in El Salvador. I thought for a minute and realized it’s been two years today! November 16, 2009 was the fateful day where we arrived in El Salvador with a lot of ideas, a little bit of  Spanish, and a whole bunch of unknowns.

But two years changes a lot. So I decided to list “My Top Ten Biggest Things I’ve Learned In the Last Two Years”. Okay, that was a long title, but I promise the list only has ten things.  By the way,  if you’d like to read another really lame top ten list I made, you can visit this link.

Okay, here we go:

10.   Everything is harder in Spanish. (Well, not if you’re a Spanish speaker. But if you’re an English speaker who moves to a Spanish speaking country and you don’t really learn Spanish until you get here, then, yeah, everything’s harder.)

9.     Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are rare and precious treasures.

8.     De-worming is not just for the dogs.

7.     Maintaining a conversation at a kid’s birthday party for several hours with several mothers from several countries speaking in several different versions of Spanish is an event that should be celebrated.

6.     Americans have way too much stuff.

5.    Immigration looks a whole lot different from the other side.

4.    Kids are amazing. They can soak up a new culture, embrace it, and love it without passing judgement.

3.     Helping the poor without respecting the poor is not really helping the poor.

2.     I am way more proud, and in need of way more grace than I ever thought possible.

1.     God is real, He is good, and He is with us.  We can learn new languages, forge new friendships, go to the darkest places, face our greatest weaknesses and be stronger for it all because of Him.

6 Responses to My Top Ten Biggest Things I’ve Learned in the Last Two Years

  1. Top 5 things I have learned these last 2 years…
    5. We can have a lot of negative affects on people we are tryng to help if we do it without understand what is best for them.
    4. You need a very talented person to manage all of the support letters, mailings, blogging, etc.
    3. I have the best kids ever!
    2. I have the best wife ever!
    1. God is always faithful and with us!

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