We just returned home from a week spent completely unplugged. No TV. No computer. No internet. No cell phones. It was wonderful. Just us and the pelicans, the local livestock, the hermit crabs, the fish, and the sand and sea. Some generous friends let us use their beach house for the week, and it is miles from civilization. The highlight for the kids every evening was watching herds of cows walk down the beach on their way home…a far cry from the boardwalk!

The truth is, life is draining. For us and for everyone else. We desperately needed to get away and I’m so glad we took these five days sandwiched in the middle of a busy summer. Jon and I had some great conversations about some things we want to focus on in the next six months. But we also read books, played on the beach with our kids, swam, fished, and relaxed. Being unplugged is a beautiful thing.

Beautiful black sand beaches and smooth lava stones formed from years of volcanic eruptions in the region.

Sharing our beach vacation with turkeys was a first. There were lots of local creatures including ducks, chickens, dogs, cows, and tons of fish, crabs, and birds. The people living nearby told us that some sea turtles laid eggs on the beach before we got there…maybe we’ll see them next time!

Tori and Ian loved hanging out on the beach!

Each evening Jon went fishing with lots of help from the locals who were interested in watching him use his fishing pole. This was his prize fish…a red snapper. It was the freshest red snapper we’ve ever eaten!

Tori was quite happy to have plenty of reading time.

Ian and I had lots of little chats.

Swimming was definitely a highlight for the kids.

Two hearts were broken, and many tears were shed when these guys had to go back into the wild. They were in serious danger of being “loved” to death.

Feeling very grateful today for the blessing of my family!

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