When Atlas Shrugs…

Ancient Greeks explained earthquakes by attributing them to Atlas shrugging. How else could they explain the overwhelming suffering, and vast damage that they saw after earthquakes shook their world? They knew there had to be some greater force at work. Today we know the science involved, the measurements and numbers but seeing the damage left by the earthquake this week in Haiti still leaves the world questioning the greater forces at work. As a follower of Christ, I know that God ordains the things that happen on this earth but I have really been struggling with all of this as I’ve seen the news coverage and heard the stories. But I also know that now Haiti is in the forefront of everyone’s minds and on the front page of every newspaper. Maybe someone will get involved there with something greater than themselves.

Jared and Jalayne Coblentz are a couple that we met during our training at MTI. They are missionaries in Port au Prince. There blog is and they have posted ever since the earthquake about what is going on there and their struggles to get through each day. Please pray for them! They are leaning on God during this ordeal and He is seeing them through.

I also have questioned how I would react if “Atlas shrugs” here in El Salvador. We experienced a minor earthquake in November…only a 6.0 but it did some slight damage and a few lives were lost. El Salvador gets hit with a major earthquake about once every ten years. The last bad earthquake event here was a series of two earthquakes that hit in January and February 2001 exactly a month apart. Many lives were lost and many were left homeless. Jared and Jalayne left for their mission field just two weeks before we left for ours and already they are dealing with a major crisis. Over the next week we are going to stock emergency supplies: food, water, gas for our generator, etc. so that if the worst should happen we would be in a position to survive and to offer aid to our neighbors.

I am continuing to pray for the people of Haiti, the missionaries there, and all of those who think about the “greater forces” involved and maybe start to wrestle with God about some of these things. If you are looking for a way to be involved, our sending church Discovery Christian Church has several quality organizations that they have worked with in the past to offer relief when tragedy strikes around the world. You can check them out by visiting Discovery’s website at

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