Working Together For Freedom

Don’t you remember being a kid and holding your breath when the teacher assigned group projects? I remember crossing my fingers and hoping to be paired with a competent friend. Working with the right people is the best way to not only overcome a tough challenge, but also to enjoy the process.

This past week we were reminded that we truly have teamed up with the right people. Some of the staff from our partner organization, Free The Girls, spent 5 days in El Salvador. It was an amazing and beautiful time of laughing, growing, and learning together.

Courtney, Selah, and Abby came to learn, to understand, and to champion the women in our program. They gave them a voice to share their concerns, and they worked with the women and our staff to talk through transition plans for the women who will be graduating this year. One of the women felt comfortable and confident enough to challenge Courtney to consider different options for helping with next steps.  The women in the program shared their trust in the partnership, and the blessings they have received from the MTES/FTG relationship.

FTG came to learn, but also to serve. They spent a day at New Dawn doing yoga, baking cookies, and playing games. They jumped into everything at the Lighthouse Resource Center too. They helped pack and distribute meals, they served lunch, they shared a devotional, they did crafts, and they took beautiful family portraits of the women and their children. We brainstormed with the resource center staff, and leaned in over many cups of coffee to discuss all things El Salvador and anti-trafficking.

We truly believe that we can do better together. The reintegration process for survivors of human trafficking is a big project, and we are so grateful to have the right people on our team. Together we are working toward full reintegration and freedom for each and every one of these women.  Thank you Free The Girls, we are so glad to be in this together!

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