A Typical Non-Typical Week

This week we had yet another typically non-typical spontaneous and unpredicatable week! That seems to describe pretty much every week since we’ve arrived! Here’s a little snapshot of our week here in El Salvador.

Sunday: After church at our Spanish -speaking church (which lasts at least 2 hours) we decided to take the kids for a fun afternoon outing. So we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to the local Mayan ruins. They are all over the country but the closest ones are in San Andreas. It was very hot, dry, and tiring but we all had a great time walking around and checking things out. As those of you who know me can understand my little nerd brain was overwhelemed at the sheer historical value of this event! Jon wrapped up the night by playing in his soccer league with all of his Salvadoran friends. He’s actually getting pretty good playing with these guys. Around here soccer or “futbol” is a really big deal.

Monday: Our usual M,T,W Spanish tutor was unavailable for this week so we headed down to the YWAM base to do some painting and clean up. We were preparing for the Escuela Nocturna (that’s “night school” for all you gringos). And of course we were waiting until the last minute because that’s how things are done here. The night school is a program for Salvadorans to receive some basics of the Christian faith as well as how to serve their city. The night school ended up getting cancelled due to some conflicts with some of the students. It will be postponed and hopefully starting soon!  This was disappointing and of course we didn’t know this until the last minute…haha!

Tuesday: Jon headed out to do some street kid ministry in Apopa. Apopa is one of the toughest towns in El Salvador. Located right outside of San Salvador, it is the site of some of the worst gang violence in Central America. He spent the day feeding street kids lunch and working with the street kid literacy program that a local church is doing there. Tuesday night we stuffed bags with rice and beans for distribution the next day.

Wednesday: Jon assisted a team in from PA with donation and food distribution in a rural community about an hour from the city. It is also the site of a future medical clinic. Part of his reason in going is to scope out how we can best assist this ministry. I spent the day working on brochures and information about the upcoming Discipleship Training School at the YWAM base this summer.

Thursday: Spanish all morning! Then Jon ran errands, paid bills, worked on developing a website for YWAM, etc. while the kids and I went swimming at a friend’s house! We don’t get out as often as Jon so this was a nice little break! Jon also did some repairs around our house that needed to be done due to the recent heavy winds. The windows never really close so we’ve had ceiling tiles knocked out, blinds knocked down, etc.

Friday: More Spanish, more errands, more computer work…on and on…plus all the regular daily stuff like taking Tori to school and potty training Ian!

So our lives are blissfully unboring and untypical at this point. Maybe someday we will have a “typical” week but until then we are just taking each day at a time!

If you think of Jon, please keep him in your prayers. It’s great that he is back to his old “schedule”  but he is still very exhausted every day as he continues to recover from the effects of the Dengue Fever. He’s lost a lot of weight and just doesn’t have that much energy to get through each day…thanks for the prayers!

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