Aid Distribution – Community on San Vicente

Yesterday Jon and the team spent the morning in a community on the San Vicente volcano where 50 families have been displaced and 80 people were in critical need of food, drinking water, and medicines. The people are packed into a semi-dry building that is serving as a shelter. Most of their homes are filled with mud, and several outhouse toilets have just collapsed into the ground. It was an unbelievable sight to see all the mud and water filling the homes and covering the belongings of the residents of this community.

But there were many smiles, and laughter, and gratitude to all who came bringing supplies. We are thrilled to be partnering with another non-profit in the States called Friends of El Salvador that has close ties with this community.  Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Sacks of rice and beans ready to go!

Unloading food and supplies.

Unloading donated clothing…and it’s still raining.

A small room where many people from the community have been staying.

Some kids in the community who are living in the shelter.


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