Aid Distribution – Usulután

The last few days have been a whirlwind of collecting supplies, organizing donations, and distributing them to communities in need. Jon has come home exhausted every night from running all over the country!

Our staff has been to Usulután, some devastated communities on the San Vicente volcano, out by the coast to La Libertad, and to a shelter in Illopango. Tonight we’ll be feeding the homeless in San Salvador who have had nowhere to go during this week and a half of rain.

El Salvador is getting pounded today with a second storm, and the rain hasn’t let up.  The newspaper is reporting 32 dead with up to 576 landslides around the country. Thousands are homeless and living in shelters where conditions are not great with many coming down with cold and flu viruses. There are reports that foreign aid is coming in, and that is welcome news but it still seems like it will take a while to reach the isolated rural communities.

We are doing all that we can, and if you’d like to help you can go to the homepage of this site to donate. We’re posting a few entries about what we’ve been up to the last few days.

Our first distribution was in Usulután, in a community where we have done several projects. Two rivers converged to cover the area with water. The road was flooded, and the staff had to take a boat to get there. Once there, homes filled with mud and people without food and supplies greeted us.  Jon spoke to one man who was very grieved because his wife and children have been missing since the flood waters started to rise.

Here are some pictures:

One of our pick-ups loaded with clothing and food. Thank God this truck was just donated to the base last week…perfect timing!

Jon preparing to pass out supplies in Usulutan.

A line begins to form as word spreads that aid has arrived. Eventually this line stretched all the way out past that back wall.

Back at the base, clothing donations are sorted to be distributed in flooded and muddied communities.


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