Emergency Relief Needed Now

After a week of rain, the situation in El Salvador is not looking good. There have been dozens of floods and mudslides around the country leaving thousands of people displaced and many dead. Local news sources are reporting that up to 60% of staple crops like rice, beans, and corn have been lost. It is also expected that the coffee industry will face losses.  Hundreds of livestock have been drowned. Many people have lost their homes, and everything they own.

Yesterday, Jon went with a group from the YWAM base to take relief into Usulutan, one of the areas cut off by flood waters. They had to take a boat in order to help the 100 families in need in that community. Today, there are many more communities that we are trying to reach. The relief efforts are going to continue for sometime to come. There are many people in need and we don’t have the funds to reach them all, so we need your help! Our most pressing need is funds, and we need them fast to be able to buy supplies and food.

If you’d like to donate, go to the Homepage of this website. All of our donation information is right there and you can donate securely online through PayPal or send a donation to our sending church, Discovery Christian Church. Every donation is tax-deductible. Please indicate that your gift is for “Emergency Relief.” 100 % of all donated funds will go to help the victims of the floods and mudslides in El Salvador. We also ask that you keep El Salvador in your prayers.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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