An Unexpected Blessing

I don’t know if you’ve ever had those moments in your life where you just had to stand back and wonder, “how did that happen?” Something totally unexpected happens, and yet something that is such a great blessing. Maybe it’s hearing your child say something that you needed to hear, or seeing an amazing sunset, or getting a note that really just makes your day. Well, I had one of those moments this morning.

As I mentioned we were in Guatemala for a few days (I will post some pictures of our adventures soon) and as it turns out so was one of our friends that we made during our time in Mission Training International way back in the fall before we left for El Salvador. Her name is Amy and we had a great time hanging out with her in Colorado. She is headed to South Africa at the beginning of next year so when we said good-bye in November we thought we’d never see her again. Well, a few months ago she contacted me to tell me she’d be in Guatemala this summer with a group from her church. She was supposed to come around the time of Tropical Storm Agatha and we didn’t have all of our immigration stuff in order so we couldn’t leave the country. We were disappointed to realize it wouldn’t work out. Due to the storm, her trip was changed and she happened to be in Antigua this morning enjoying a tourist day with her team before they flew back to the States tonight. I few days ago we realized we’d be here at the same time (thank you Facebook) so we were able to meet. We ended up running into her last night at dinner too which was completely crazy! We also found out her best friend who lives in Guatemala is roommates with one of our friends…a very small world to say the least!

So, basically it all worked out for us to have coffee this morning in Guatemala! Very unexpected but very much a blessing! We didn’t have a lot of time to talk, but just spending time hanging out was so much fun, just talking about our experiences so far and hearing about her plans and talking about our training. The past few months I have struggled a bit with the busyness of our schedule and the sometimes emotionally draining aspects of our ministry so it was so nice to talk to someone who “gets it!”

I’m so grateful that even in the mountains of Guatemala, God can give us little unexpected blessings to help us to continue down the road that we are on. It humbles me, and reminds me that there is one who cares immensely for me!


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  1. What a delightful gift from God! We were excited to see on FB that you guys might be able to meet up, glad it happened!

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