You may think that I’ve forgotten how to spell, but in Spanish “goal” is spelled “gol” and more often than not pronounced “gooooooooooollllllllllllll!” As you probably know the World Cup wrapped up in South Africa last night and Spain emerged victorious. El Salvador didn’t qualify for the World Cup this year but many Salvadorans were cheering for Spain. They truly love soccer (futbol) in Latin America and in El Salvador they follow the Spanish futbol league.

For the World Cup final we decided to have a party and invite over the YWAM El Salvador staff as well as a few guys that Jon plays soccer with and their families. It was kind of like the Super Bowl only without the cool commercials and half-time show. We had tons of food, and a cake decorated with the Spanish colors. It was definitely a new cultural experience and a good reminder to me of all the things I love about my friends in El Salvador…their genuineness, their kindness, and their loving attitude towards us. We are the “outsiders” yet we feel so comfortable with our friends in El Salvador and we are grateful to be here!

Unfortunately a fun day came to a not so fun end when Tori and her friend fell out of a tree that they were climbing in our backyard. Tori ended up with seven stitches in her chin (again, since she had three about a month and a half ago), and her friend got two stitches and a concussion. Not a fun end, especially since Tori loves Spain and the party was all her idea after all!


Every time Spain played during the matches leading up to the final, Tori was sure to be watching the game and cheering on her favorite team!


Lots of snacks for the game!


Of course we had to have a Spanish cake!


Hanging out watching the game with friends. Too bad the U.S. didn’t make the final…maybe in four years…but Jon was still sporting Team USA.


Vamos España


Poor Tori! At least her favorite team won the World Cup!

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