Catching My Breath

Today is blissfully quiet around my house, and for that I am very grateful! The past few weeks have been so busy around here…particularly for Jon! He worked a lot at his job when we lived in the States, but being a missionary is a different kind of job and he ends up being “on call” all the time. We have learned that being “on call” tends to take it’s toll after awhile. I am proud of him for his dedication to El Salvador, but it doesn’t come without a cost so I’m glad we are relaxing today.

Yesterday evening we decorated for Christmas, ate some homemade pizza, and watched movies all night. The kids loved it, and as  bonus they slept in late this morning! This morning I actually slept in until 8:00 for the first time in probably about six months! I wish I was exaggerating, but unfortunately I’m not…Ian rises with the sun most mornings. Just feeling thankful for the little things today!

Right now Jon and Ian are dozing on the couch, Tori’s doing crafts, and I’m baking brownies for Jon’s birthday celebration tonight. His birthday was this past Tuesday so we’re heading out for Chinese and ending the night with brownie sundaes.

Starting next week will begin a crush of activity with the DTS graduation, Christmas parties, and preparations for our trip to the States. Yes, we have been given the opportunity to come to the States for a three week vacation to visit our family and get some down-time (hopefully!)…so we are looking forward to that.

But for today, we are enjoying the quiet and just catching our breath!

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