Happy Thanksgiving!

Today while you all are celebrating Thanksgiving American-style, we are kind of doing our normal routine. Running errands, working in Apopa, going to parent-teacher meetings…and feeling a little homesick. But the kids do have off school and there are some Salvadorans who celebrate Thanksgiving. Later this evening, after everyone is home from work, we will be gathering with some friends for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Today is traditionally a day to give thanks for all that God has given.  I just want to take the opportunity today to fill you in on a few recent things that have happened here that warrant lots of thanks!

First, some of you may recall the prayer request that I sent out back in July concerning a young boy named Jared. He was two years old with some medical issues. He needed a home. He would probably die if he went into the government run orphanages here, and he really had no family to care for him. We forwarded e-mails, put him on prayer lists, and posted on facebook what was going on with him. We also searched our own hearts to see if God was calling us to take this little guy into our home.

Well, I am thrilled to tell you that he is now in Pittsburgh! As a result of a forwarded e-mail, a family in Pittsburgh stepped up to foster him. They worked to get him to the U.S. and he is there on a ten-year medical visa! This is unheard of…obtaining a visa for a child to go to the States is extremely difficult. But he is there and he will be receiving the care he needs. The family would love to adopt him, and that is a much longer process so please continue to pray for them. But the amazing thing is that he is now in a much safer, loving place…thank God!

The other amazing thing that is going on is that we are beginning to see some lives starting to change as a result of our ministry to the homeless boys and men who live around the YWAM base. Two of them are now in a church-run rehab facility getting their life on track. One of them who has been there for a month and a half is considering going into full-time ministry so he can share with others what God has done for him! Amazing! Seeing these changes is straight from God and an encouragement to us. Many people work long, hard hours and don’t see any changes, any fruit. But God is so good to us, and He is letting us be a part of this…again, thank God!

So many of you have made this possible. We know you have made sacrifices with your time, your money, and your resources and we want to thank you! We are grateful that you are enabling us to be here and to see people’s lives changing everyday. There are lives today that are different because we came to El Salvador…and because you sent us here! We know God could have done it without us, but we get to be a part of it…and so do you! Thank you and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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