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We know there are many of you who regularly pray for our ministry, and we just want to ask you to pray for one of our friends from the street. There is a young man named Miguelito who is involved in our street ministry. Yesterday afternoon he came to the YWAM base and he was very sick. He actually looked close to death. Jon took him to the hospital where a doctor treated him, but also asked him to come back for more tests.

Jon talked to Miguelito and asked him if he was willing to make a decision to get serious about changing his life and getting off the streets. The lifestyle he has been living for so many years is having a detrimental affect on his health to the point that if he stays on the street, living like he has been, he will die. So Miguelito made the decision last night to begin steps to change his life, and we are very grateful for this!

There is a small ministry that we have recently discovered that works to help guys like Miguelito. They have a rehab facility and they also help the guys to learn to take responsiblilty, and to eventually get jobs and get a real life for themselves. They have agreed to let Miguelito stay with them, and enter the program as long as we take responsibility for his medical care.

Please pray that the doctors would be able to treat him, and he would get to a place where he is well enough to really take ownership of his life. Jon will be spending the day with him visiting doctors, and having some tests done. Please pray also that Jon would have opportunities to share with Him the truth and hope of Jesus Christ as they spend the day together. Thanks in advance for praying for Miguelito!

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