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It’s a rainy morning in San Salvador. The rain runs over the gutters, and up through the manholes in the streets. It is pouring and cold. For those who sleep on the streets, it has been a long night. For those who sleep in small, rented rooms it has also been a long night interrupted by leaky roofs and drafty breezes.

Our clients begin to walk into our center around 8:00am. It’s warmer inside and they gather around a table for their morning’s work. They are making cards…rolling strips of paper into flowers, animals, and Christmas designs. They work to glue the tiny strips of paper, and to match colors. They are being paid for their work, and they are also enjoying a sense of community. Light laughter and constant conversation rise from the table as they talk about their lives, their families, and the things that they are doing. They are not outside on the street leaning, cold, against a concrete wall. Instead they are experiencing community together.

We love offering the chance for our clients to spend time in our center making cards because it does help them financially, but it also helps address the poverty of community that is present in their lives. It’s easy to break poverty down into something that just affects the economic situation of a person. It goes beyond that. Sometimes the lack of a support system is just as devastating. We must understand that situation is also one that is dire.

Over time, we have come to see that there is also healing found in creativity. Designing something unique and beautiful can touch the heart of a person. Doing it together with others has proven to be an important part of the healing process for many of our clients. Something simple can do so much more when people come together, create, and grow in community.

We thank you for supporting this micro-enterprise. It is helping our clients take little steps in realizing who they are, that they can create, and that they are of great value in the eyes of their Creator.

Click here for more about this project, and we thank you for your support! If you are interested in ordering cards, we have them available for shipment. Email us at to order yours today!

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