God’s People Giving Generously

Since moving to El Salvador, our home church has been Centro Cristiano Internacional. CCI is a large church located in San Salvador and some of our friends invited us to attend there when we first arrived. Over the last few years, CCI has opened their hearts to make the work of MTES part of their ministry and service to the community. Volunteers from CCI help feed the homeless each week, assist in the Lighthouse Project, and help us with medical campaigns. They have prayed for us and encouraged us in countless ways. They have made the courageous decision to look outside of their doors and into the darkest parts of their city, and they have loved and served those that they have encountered.

Most recently, they generously sponsored a donation drive so that we could expand our Community Food Co-Op to include more families. Each family in the co-op does pay a small amount to participate, but it is not enough to cover groceries for those in need. CCI decided to step in and lend a hand. MTES staff were at all of the services during the past month and we had a wonderful opportunity to meet many people excited about serving their city.

In total, CCI collected 856 pounds of things like beans, sugar, and rice plus 371 bags of flour, oil, and powdered milk. In addition they collected dozens of bottles, boxes, and cans of other items to stock our co-op! This is a huge blessing to us and we will be able to help more families. Thank you to our brothers and sisters at CCI for obeying God, serving the “least of these,” and giving so generously!

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donation drive

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