Donation Drive a Success!

When we left the U.S. to move half a continent away to El Salvador, we had no idea whether our friends back home would really remember us or stay interested in what we were doing as time went on. But this past weekend proved that friends, family, supporting churches, and even complete strangers are very invested in what’s happening in El Salvador.

The last few weekends many people spent time donating, and collecting, items for El Salvador. On Saturday all of the donations were brought to the shipping warehouse where D.T. Gruelle has so generously donated the costs of shipping the container to El Salvador. 

We want to give a special thanks to three Pittsburgh area churches which held donation drives to benefit El Salvador. Discovery Christian Church, Norwin Christian Church, and Greater Works Outreach…thank you so much!

Our family lives in El Salvador and we interact day to day with the people here. Some of you may feel far from the “front lines”, but to everyone who volunteered to help with this drive, you are truly making a difference in the lives of people in El Salvador. Thank you so much!

Three beautiful volunteers…Jon’s sister, Rachel, his mom Diane, and our niece Savannah!

Thank you to all of our Norwin volunteers!

The warehouse was packed FULL!

Thank you so much to all of these awesome volunteers!

The container loaded up with all kinds of great donations for El Salvador!

Our niece Savannah waving bye- bye to the container.

And the container is on it’s way to El Salvador!

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