Summer Break is (Kind of) Here

Summer vacation kind of started today at 5:50 am when the kids woke up. I say kind of because Ian still has a few more weeks to go. And I say 5:50 because that’s when Tori was up, despite me having to drag her out of bed at 6:15 for the last nine months. Ironic, isn’t it?

So, here we are. Tori finished up the school year yesterday and she had a great year. This year was such a turning point for her. She hates change, and moving here was probably tougher for her than anyone else in the family. She was still not really confident in her Spanish when the school year started. But, last week she received second place in her class Spanish spelling contest. It seems that somewhere along the way we’ve become a bi-lingual family. She’s asked a few times when the next group of gringos are coming. I guess at some point I have to break it to her that she’s a gringa too.

Ian will be wrapping up a great year at the end of June. I talked to his teacher this morning and she mentioned a few things he had to work on to get ready for Kinder at the International School in August. You know, things like fine motor skills and ENGLISH! Yup, he needs to work on his English. This is the kid that screamed when people spoke Spanish to him a year ago. Not anymore. We need to work on him using English like a native English speaker. So, “work on Ian’s English” will be added to my list. This is my list that includes things like, “teach the kids the Pledge of Allegiance” and “teach the kids the Star-Spangled Banner.” Yes, I know I’ve failed as an American on so many levels.  

But the summer will be great. Different than my childhood summers, but great. No riding bikes down the street (it’s got buses), no running to the friend’s house next door (all the houses have gates and barbed wire). No, instead we will be reading some new books, helping with missions teams, delivering food and clothing, and spending time at the orphanages around town.

And here’s to hoping the second day of summer vacation does NOT start at 5:50 am!

2 Responses to Summer Break is (Kind of) Here

  1. I love hearing about your life! So awesome that Tori is adjusting so well and excelling at school. And crazy that Ian needs to work on English! That is just crazy! Your kids are growing up to be amazing people! Love and miss you!

  2. We miss you too and we think of you guys a lot! It looks like Lil KidQuest went really well this year. Tori loved looking at the pictures…she still remembers so many of the kids. I hope that you guys are off to a great start this summer!

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