Lights On!

Well, tomorrow is lights on again at the Lighthouse. A month and a half ago we had to suspend this ministry due to an incident involving one of the boys in the ministry, my husband, and a knife. Let me tell you, this was NOT my favorite day in El Salvador!

Since then, we’ve changed some things, talked about some different strategies, and frankly, prayed a whole heck of a lot. We’ve kept up with most of the guys and one has been in, and then out of, rehab.

Tomorrow is a new day and we are opening the base again for lunch, showers, and some hang out time with the guys. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about how it will go. I’m learning to deal with constant nerves around here.

I’m also learning this whole urban ministry in a foreign context thing is all about recognizing errors, and focusing anew. The layers of poverty, crime, and post-war pain in the lives of these people is something that just threatens to swallow me whole. I can’t even wrap my mind around it and honestly, sometimes I can’t even try.

So here we go! We will spend an afternoon with men, women, and children struggling with the darkness of addictions and hopelessness.  Please pray that the Lighthouse shines brightly on the streets of San Salavador tomorrow.

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  1. Praying!!! I’m glad that you continue on in Christ’s strength even when things are rough and scary! You guys are an encouragement to all of us!

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