The Calm Before The Storm

Today is first official day of hurricane season. Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans we could be dealing with up to 18 hurricanes.  But you would never know we are in storm season by glancing into my backyard. There is a cool breeze, sunshine, and blue skies. The kids are playing in the garden and everything is calm and peaceful for the moment.

But I am bracing myself because we are entering into the “insanity” season as I like to call it. Our schedule (and I use the term “schedule” very loosely) involves quite a lot of hecticness in the months of the North American summer. The insanity comes with all of the short-term mission teams. We LOVE having the teams and also the individual volunteers that come. It’s a treat to spend time with “gringos” and be reminded of everything that is great about being American.

But it’s also a bit stressful. There are itineraries to plan, people to drive to the airport, budgets to make,  things to translate, questions to answer, menus to organize, and rooms to rearrange. But there are also great opportunities for ministry, and added help to take on major construction projects that we never could do on our own.

Most importantly, there are lives to change.

I’m not just talking about the kids in the orphanges, or the people in the communities who get  a new roof over their heads or receive new donations. I’m also talking about our family. We feel a little sadness, and Tori sheds more than a few tears, when we say good-bye to our new friends. And, possibly most importantly, I’m also talking about those who are coming.

To all of you who are coming this summer, I hope you have  a life-changing time in El Salvador. I hope you come as a learner and see how big the world is. I hope you come in humility, ready to be used as God’s hand in someone’s life. I hope that we can serve you, and show you things you never knew about the greatness, and wideness, and deepness of God’s Kingdom on earth.

So hang on everybody, it’s going to be a great summer!

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