It feels like we’ve been “up” a lot lately.  I’ve learned in my life that if I stay up for too long, I eventually fall down.

That’s why we decided to make an intentional effort to be “down” during the kids’ Christmas break from school. It gave us a chance to catch up on sleep, to take it slow, and to spend some time connecting as a family. A bonus is that we got to do lots of fun stuff that we have to put off doing when we are “up.”

This is what “downtime” looks like around our house…


spending time with the kiddos


celebrating a traditional Latin American Christmas


watching Christmas Eve fall over San Salvador



lighting fireworks in the streets with our friends like crazy people


looking up Rainbow Loom designs to find new ways to expand Tori’s bracelet-selling businesstorireading

discovering Middle Earth for the first time

dad and ian

building a Lego starship with Papa (yes my parents came for New Year’s, despite an erupting volcano!)



taking the time to be gringo tourists in El Salvador with Nana and Papa and visiting Suchitoto, the beach, and the local zoo

The downtime was absolutely glorious, and I must admit I was quite sad on the day that my parents flew back to the States and the kids went back to school. We are excited to be “up” again, planning new things and living them out, but I am so grateful that we took a few moments to just be down.

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