Christmas Wrap-Up

Ok, I know it’s bad but couldn’t resist the pun…yes we are “wrapping-up” Christmas with this final update on our Christmas events.

We have recently become more involved working in a community just outside of Santa Ana. We are working with one of our partners, Latin American Children’s Fund, to support a health clinic and the surrounding communities.

For Christmas, we facilitated a “Christmas Fair” in the Canton Ayutuxtepeque community. The local leaders ran the whole thing, and we were just there to offer staff and support. It was the weekend before Christmas and toys and clothes were offered to the community at a discounted rate. This gave local parents the opportunity to shop for their own children (instead of the gringos just handing out stuff!) , and invest back into the community in the process. All proceeds from the fair were put into the health clinic which benefits everyone.

We also offered some fun games, bubbles, and activities for the kids while their parents shopped. We had a blast playing with the kids and hanging out with everyone in the community.

Thanks again to all of our Christmas volunteers and donors who helped to make this event and all of the others such a great success!

photo 2 clinic

Everyone lined up nice and early for the event!

photo 5 clinic

A local business owner donated these clothes.

photo 7 clinic

Our awesome volunteers organizing games.

photo clinic bubbles

Bubbles are always a crowd-pleaser!

photo 9 clinic

And so is soccer! Ian got in on the action!

photo 8 clinic

photo 6 clinic

Having fun!

photo clinic snowman

photo 10 clinic

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like beating the candy out of Santa and Frosty! The kids loved it!

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