On Monday, Tori turned eight years old. Eight! That seems unbelievably grown up to me. She got to celebrate a few times…once with my parents, then again on the weekend with shrimp tempura at a restaurant (one of her favorite foods), then presents at home on her birthday morning, an Angry Birds pizza party at school with her classmates, a serenade at karate class, and then pupusas and ice cream cake to finish the day off. Whew! That’s a lot of birthday, but she loved every minute of it!

I know every parent is proud of their kid, but we are especially proud of how our 8 year old handles her life…friends, school, two languages, involved in our work, etc… She has such a compassionate heart towards others and the other day after learning about the Underground Railroad she asked me if there were still slaves in the world. She was dismayed at the answer and resolved to one day run for Congress in order to make better laws so that no one anywhere, ever, could own and mistreat another person. If anyone can do it, she can.

We love you Tori!


Ready for her birthday breakfast!

Opening gifts

Angry Birds! If you know Tori, you know she loves birds!

Pizza party and cookies at school…yay!

Pupusas for dinner…one of her favorites

Ice cream cake for dessert…a great day for a great girl!

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