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We want to share the latest on the ministry center project.  So many of you have invested in this project already, and we are receiving donations toward the project fund every week. We thank you for that!

After purchasing the property, we met with a contractor who gave us recommendations for the best way to renovate the property for all of the purposes that we have in mind. We are working project by project as funds are coming in. We are off to a great start but we still have a long road ahead of us until the building is ready to open up for ministry. Here are a few pictures of how the “construction” is coming:

Here is the front of the main building with a fresh coat of paint!

The view across the roof, which will need to be replaced.

One of the main rooms inside. It’s primed and ready for paint. The false ceiling still needs to be torn down and replaced with dry wall.

One of the bathrooms. All of the bathroom are going to be renovated and replaced with new ceramic tile.

Frames are going up for the new shower stalls.

The existing “kitchen.” As you can see, we need a new kitchen!

Second building on the property behind the main building. The kitchen is on the lower level and there is another room and bathroom upstairs. The lower level will be expanded so that we can serve out of the kitchen and the upper level rooms will go all the way across to add more space upstairs.

We continue to walk in the understanding that this is not “our thing.” God has placed us in El Salvador and given us a calling to the city of San Salvador, and specifically to those who are on the streets, struggling, and in desperate circumstances. We want to be a light in the darkness for them, but we know that we can’t do it without our teammates at YWAM and without our supporters who are behind us.

We only are completing projects as we are able, and we are already using donations to work on things piece by piece. Currently the bathrooms are being renovated as we begin to work our way down this list. We want to share all of our needs with you and ask you to pray with for this whole endeavor. We also are still looking for partners to sponor various parts of the projects. Email Jon at if you are interested in partnering with us.

Okay, here’s the big list!

Bathrooms – $600 each one ( we need 6)
Addition to extend kitchen area and add upstairs space – $14,000
Kitchen – $1,500
Garage doors- $450
Roof – $3,500
Ceramic tile – $3,200
We also need some other stuff to work out of an office, and to use for ministry. Here is that list!
Refrigerator – $1,000
Stove – $700
Microwave – $100
3 Pantry Racks – $300
8 Tables – $640
50 Chairs – $500
3 Bookshelves – $600
3 Desks – $600
Plates – $100
Cups – $75
Silverware – $75

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