Election Week?

In general, I don’t blog about politics, but this week has been quite interesting here in El Salvador. Sunday’s run-off election between the FMLN and ARENA political parties has stretched into a week-long process of protests, ballot recounts, and allegations of fraud.

The week started with both sides declaring victory as tensions mounted. ARENA supporters took to the streets to demand a vote-by-vote accounting of Sunday’s run-off election. Early Thursday morning, the official count was concluded and FMLN candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén was declared the winner with just over 6,000 votes separating the candidates.

The ARENA party has responded with claims of evidence of fraud in the election, so it is a waiting game to see how and if those claims will affect the official results. In the meantime, the country remains deeply divided.

I have friends all over the political spectrum, and it is clear that deep pain and suspicions remain even 22 years after the end of El Salvador’s civil war. People from all sides still live with the scars and brokenness of that conflict, and the country’s deep divide reflects that reality. But I also know that my Salvadoran friends want the best for their country, and they yearn for peace and prosperity in this beautiful land.


A protest in San Salvador this week


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  1. Hello Jon & Danielle!

    I’m writing to you from Pittsburgh, PA. My home church is Greater Works Outreach and I have the honor and privilege of serving God on the leadership team of our Women’s Ministry “The Deborah Company” with Donna Walton (who is becoming a very dear friend to me).

    God is moving my heart toward the vision you are carrying for the people of El Salvador! I am praying for you as you raise a standard and express the heart and love of God in your realm of influence! Praying and believing God to sort through the propaganda and disarray and to appoint the next leader of this nation!

    Remain strengthened and encouraged by His Presence & Promises!

    With Love & Respect!
    Karen Graham

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