Presidential Election Update

Yesterday was the run-off election in El Salvador. This morning, there is uncertainty and tension in the air because no one has emerged as a winner in the tight Presidential race. That hasn’t stopped both sides from claiming victory as just a few thousand votes separate the two candidates. There have been claims of fraud, and tensions are high.

Last night we could hear one of the parties celebrating in the streets. We could hear politicians shouting over the microphones as their supporters responded with cheers and fireworks. This morning I encountered police barricades surrounding the streets close to  where election officials are working to find a winner after protests last night.

It is clear that whoever wins will have to take into account that a full half of the country disagrees with him. Please pray for a clear winner, and for that winner to do his very best to serve the people of El Salvador.


The front page of today’s paper proclaiming no official winner.

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