Alguien está sentado a la sombra de un árbol el día de hoy, porque otro lo plantó hace mucho tiempo. Warren Buffet dijo estas palabras, y no tengo duda que su intención fuera hacer una observación acerca de la inversión de negocios. Pero, en realidad, estas palabras pueden referirse acerca de cualquier inversión. Una cosa que he aprendido a lo largo de los años es que el ministerio urbano se trata más acerca de la inversión, que cualquier otra cosa…se trata más acerca de sembrar que de cosechar. Se trata de caminar por las calles buscando la tierra fértil, quizás escondida atrás de un muro cubierto con grafiti o razor. Se trata de encontrar una semilla en la profundad de mi bolsillo y lanzarla, pero quizás ni yo mi misma […]

Festival de Independencia

Música a todo volumen a través de los altavoces … juegos de feria con premios …globos con formas de animales …  olor a palomitas de maíz … baile y risas. Suena como una feria de comunidad de un país, ¿no? Ahora imagine que la feria no está lejos del centro de San Salvador y que los invitados incluyen a nuestros clientes que tomaron la mañana libre de terapia y capacitación laboral para celebrar la independencia. Mientras cerramos el mes de la independencia de El Salvador, nos pareció muy apropiado celebrar la independencia que nuestra comunidad está encontrando poco a poco. Ya sea a través del progreso en un entorno terapéutico, o simplemente aprendiendo a depender de otra persona, se están dando pequeños pasos. Incluso vale la pena celebrar la libertad […]

Default – En Modo

Full disclosure? Sometimes my default setting becomes hopeless. Or frustrated. Maybe discouraged. Or even ashamed. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that there are days that I want to give up. We’ve faced enough hard things as a staff that I know it’s not just me. The thing is there are some days when the broken systems around me feel like mountains that are just too big to climb. It’s like I’m spinning my wheels trying to wind up a muddy slope. It’s messy, and I end up feeling tired and dirty by the end of the day. But some days are different. This past Monday was one of those days. If you follow our work, you know that we launched the Lighthouse Resource Center back in January. We have celebrated […]

Mother’s Day at the Lighthouse Resource Center -Día de la Madre en el Centro de Recursos El Faro

At the Lighthouse Resource Center we serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Many of those neighbors are single moms. Mother’s Day is a really big deal in El Salvador. All businesses and schools are closed as people take the day to celebrate their mothers. But for single moms who lack a support system, Mother’s Day can be a painful time of year. Each year we have celebrated the moms in our community, and this year was no different! Last week we had a Mother’s Day event where all moms were invited to come and receive a word of encouragement from God’s Word, some gifts, a piece of cake, and some special treatment just for them. Our army of volunteers stepped up to make these moms feel special. From a “design your […]

¿Y Si?

Hace dos años, me encontraba en mi escritorio, en el cálido y húmedo piso de nuestro primer edificio. Agachada alrededor de cajas de sujetadores, me paré frente al ventilador junto a la ventana mirando directamente a través de la calle un edificio grande. Una señal de “Se vende” acababa de ser colgada. ¿Y si de alguna manera pudiéramos conseguir ese edificio? Un año después ya estábamos allí. Estábamos en el edificio, lo alquilamos, esforzándonos cada mes, pero estaba sucediendo. Había espacio para respirar, para trabajar, para recibir clientes, para albergar una pequeña iglesia los fines de semana. Luego, se presentó la oportunidad de comprarlo, hacer un plan para pagarlo, hacerlo nuestro. Pero ¿y si hubiera más? Pasaron seis meses y mi cabeza se inclinó sobre nuestra mesa de conferencias con […]

All The Pieces – Todas Las Piezas

Her head was bent against the woman’s next to her as they quickly pieced together a child’s puzzle on the floor. A look of annoyance flickered across her face when she realized that a piece was missing. The picture was incomplete, the image coming into focus, but still distorted. In that moment, Jon pulled the missing pieces out from behind his back and handed them to each group. Quickly, she pressed the last piece into place and looked up with a smile. There it was, the image in view. Solving a child’s puzzle wasn’t just a moment of amusement, but rather a metaphor to talk to her and our other clients about new things, transitions, opportunities for growth. A few weeks ago we made a big change. We consolidated all […]

Celebrating – Celebrando

  It feels like we are already knee deep in the new year and things have definitely ramped up around our office as we get ready to launch a new initiative in just a few weeks! We just wanted to take a moment to share how we wrapped up 2018. We ended the last year with lots of celebrations. Celebrations of goals reached, of expectations met, but also of surviving some hard things with our clients this year. There was much to celebrate, but one thing really stands out. Perhaps our biggest milestone reached this Christmas was that all of our parties were provided by our local donors and volunteers! It was wonderful to have to do zero fundraising on the outside, because our own community came together to provide […]

The Work of Christmas – La Obra de Navidad

It’s the day after Christmas. The house is a mess, the presents are unwrapped. The shopping and rushing and gathering has stopped. The anticipation and magic and waiting is over. This is when the real work begins. The coming of Jesus, God Incarnate, was just the beginning. After his life and death and return to heaven, our calling, our work began. So today we consider…what is our task? The following poem was written by Howard Thurman, an African-American theologian and civil rights leader. He was one who understood that because of God with us, there is much work for those who follow him. Let us begin. “The Work of Christmas” by Howard Thurman When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone, when […]

One Big Story – Una Gran Historia

Sharing a story is no small thing. Earlier this month, Jon and I stood in front of a packed room to share pieces of our story, and pieces of our clients’ stories all woven together. Sharing a story is a sacred and holy thing. Especially when those stories pull in pains and joys and successes and heartaches. We were at our 2nd Annual Gala for Growth and the purpose of sharing those stories was to remind us all that we are part of one big community, we all have a part in that story. Our gala was held just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is far removed from the streets of San Salvador but there is still a community there because so many who packed that room have given, have […]

Ending the Poverty of Community – Terminando con la Pobreza de la Comunidad

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”  The words above were said by Mother Teresa who spent her life with and for the poor. She lived with those who experienced extreme physical poverty, but she learned that there is a greater poverty still…the poverty of community. We meet so many people who have come to the end of the line, who have come up short after churning through their physical resources. They may come for food or clothing, but they stay because they are searching for a place to belong. A place to feel loved, a place to be cared for and remembered…a community. Perhaps overcoming the poverty of […]

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