Good-bye Bailey

On this blog, we write about what it is like for our family to be living and working in El Salvador. We share the daily ups and downs, and our thoughts on the whole thing. Well, our life has been a bit interrupted this week. One of our beloved dogs died yesterday afternoon. Bailey became sick with kidney failure very suddenly on Saturday, and yesterday we had to put her to sleep.

Bailey was my dog, and I first met her when she was just two weeks old. She just turned 8 in June. We were expecting more years with her, and it just comes as a shock to us that she is gone. When we moved to El Salvador, we couldn’t imagine leaving our dogs behind so they made the trip with us, and they are our only “family” in El Salvador. Bailey was such a sweet dog, and so good with our kids. She played “dress-ups” with Tori, even allowing Tori to put high-heeled Cinderella shoes on her paws. A good dog like her is hard to find, and she will be missed.

Many of you pray for our family and we thank you for that. We ask your prayers particularly this week as we make the transition to a new home on Saturday. Tori especially is really missing her little friend Bailey in her room at night. Thanks for your prayers.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I have tears in my eyes each day i see her photo on FB, knowing how much she will be missed and how difficult this is for your family. I so frequently talked about These Two labs, never mentioning Buddy without Bailey.
    Good luck with your move. Hope everything goes smoothly.
    take care, love ya
    Bailey will be messed by all.

  2. Bailey was such a special, sweet dog and I am so sorry she is gone. Such a shock and such a heartache. And at such a bad time. I’ve been praying for your family and will continue to do so. I’m praying that God will fill up the hole in your hearts with his love, comfort and peace. I love you all.

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