Inspiration from a Sea Turtle



This little guy is headed straight for the big, gigantic Pacific Ocean. He was hatched on a beach in El Salvador and every instinct inside his little heart tells him to run for the ocean. He is small, and the ocean is immense. But he is still going for it. He knows his purpose, and he knows his calling. He doesn’t stop and look around and wonder what everyone else thinks. He doesn’t question if he is really supposed to go, or wonder how he will survive in such a deep and large sea. He just knows that’s where he’s supposed to go…no matter what dangers he may face, or how scared he is inside.

On Saturday, our family took part in a project run by USAID to help release these little guys into the wild. As we set them on the sand, they went for it! They went quickly, without doubt, and without looking back. I have to admit, watching this little guy inspired me. Because sometimes the oceans in my life look so big, and I feel so small. I stop, I falter, I doubt, and I so often find myself in a place, stuck, paralyzed by fear.

What if I could be like this guy? What if I could rely on my inner guide…listen to the voice of God in me?  What if I could securely trust in His purpose for me? And go for it. Whatever the cost, whatever the obstacles, whatever my doubts and fear. Just rest in my purpose, and follow it right into the deepest ocean.

This conservation project protects turtle eggs from being harvested and sold in El Salvador. Many people like to eat them, but it is illegal. The eggs are gathered in this hatchery until they hatch and run for the ocean.

Tori ready to release one of the turtles.

Now it’s Ian’s turn!

It was unbelievable to watch them all head straight for the ocean. The amazing thing is when the females lay their eggs, they always return to the beach where they were hatched.

This little guy is diving in!

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