Grocery Woes

We visited the grocery store today, much to my frustration! I definitely will have to step up my creativity in the cooking department, and we will all have to keep open minds! Many of the ingredients are different here (obviously) and as I was trying to figure out what was what I kept translating things wrong and getting even more confused! I think I need to take a Salvadoran cooking class to know what to do! Curtains are also very hard to find. We have looked in many stores with no luck. We will probably just buy fabric and have them made. This is a great opportunity to get outside of how I think things “should” be and try to get into the mindset of those who live here. Tori seems to be having a hard time this week with things that “aren’t the same” as she says. She’s not big on change, so she’s a little unsettled by it all.

Jon had a great time last night playing some futbol (that’s soccer to all you gringos) with some local guys. Here in El Salvador, futbol is a really big deal. The YWAM director , Francisco (Fran)  is the one who invited him and Jon had the opportunity to meet a lot of nationals. This is the kind of stuff that we are looking forward to doing. We have spoken with some the Salvadorans here who are really excited by the fact that we want to get into their culture, and learn their language. North Americans aren’t known for getting into the shoes of other cultures and I hope that we can rise above some of our North American tendencies. Now if I could just figure out what to make for dinner…

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  1. That does sound frustrating! And maybe a touch comical….:-) Is it possible for me to mail you some food items (spices, etc.) or is that a problem? Also, start making a list of desired items and we’ll bring them down when we come.

    The futbol sounds great! When will Ian be on the field?

  2. Hi Snyders! Love reading your posts. Seriously, I’d be happy to make you curtains and ship them to you. This is a gift that the Lord has given me through my Mom (who is now with him in heaven). If you give me the measurements and color (colors) I can make them. OR, if you prefer, I’d be happy to purchase some curtains for you and ship them to you. It would be a very little way to say “thank you” to you two (well, four) for the precious gift you have given the San Salvadorians of your lives, talents, energies, love, caring, … I worked with Jon at UPMC. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. God Bless the Snyders! Pat

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Yes, cooking is different in South America! Having someone help you will be a must, I think. On the other hand, think of Julia Child when she first went to France and had to learn how to do everything from scratch. A good opp to blog!
    Imagine not having chicken stock to make soups with and having to make your own–everything!
    Is this where the pair of ducks comes in?

  4. On the curtains, there is a couple of rolls of material we put with the bycycles in the container, I don’t know if the patterns are suitable for curtains but you never know.

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