Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in the 90 degree weather we’ve been having down here. This whole holiday season is going to feel so strange…all part of the adjusting process! We are spending tomorrow continuing to move into our new place and then eating Thanksgiving dinner with some other missionaries from the U.S. Thanks Kurt and Susan for the invite!

Thinking about the idea of giving thanks I am realizing how much I have to be thankful for. Just surviving this wild roller coaster is cause for thanks in and of itself!  But when I really think about it, being on this roller coaster is why I am so thankful. The opportunity that we have had to go out on a limb for God is one that not everyone gets to experience and I count it a privilege! God has been beside us every step of the way through the process of relocating here and now that we are in country. He has given us struggles, and things that are easy and I can honestly say that I am grateful for both!

Tonight we had a great time at the YWAM El Salvador base. The base directors Franciso (Fran) and Judy invited us for dinner and to meet the other staff at the base as well as some friends of theirs that help them translate. They are still learning English and we are still learning Spanish so we had a lot of funny moments as we tried to communicate. The translators were able to help us too. Thank you God for bilingual people…hopefully we will be one of them someday!  It was so amazing to finally share a meal with them and to have them welcome us and to hear them share how much they have been praying for our family each and every day. I am so thankful, so very grateful, that God owns the whole world and He is so big! His Kingdom transcends continents, countries, cultures, and languages. The whole world is His and I am learning that more and more each day as we see what is happening here in El Salvador.

Thanksgiving is a day when we in the U.S. celebrate God’s graciousness in giving us the land that we call home, our country. We carry on a tradition of celebrating Him and His provision of leading the Pilgrims to the New World. But I think often in the U.S. it’s easy to forgot that God has given provision to His people in all times, in all lands, and in all countries all over the globe. His Kingdom is so much greater than the United States of America. He is God of the whole world and those of you supporting us, those of you praying, those of you who have let us go, those of you who are coming here on mission trips are getting to be a part of what God is doing on this globe and for that I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you for the way that you have blessed our family in the past year!

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  1. Yes, we do have so very much to be Thankful for. We are very Blessed. Happy Thanksgiving. Love and miss you. We had a nice dinner, with Gene, Marshall, and Dad. Now I’m off to work.
    take care.

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