Home Again

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for us. We’re taking our kids to see our new place for the first time. We’ll be cleaning and getting the house ready for when our container arrives. This is a big deal for us because we haven’t had a home since August! In August we sold our home, and gave away or sold most of our furniture and other stuff. We had no idea what kind of home we would end up renting once we got here, and we just weren’t sure what we’d even be able to afford. Several houses came up that we were excited about and either the rent was too high, it was in a part of town that was too dangerous for North Americans, or the houses needed a lot of work to be liveable. God has blessed us tremendously with the house we are able to rent. It even has an extra room for when people visit us. The house is in a safe area of the city, and the rent fits well within our budget. God is so good to us and I know so many of you who read this blog have been praying. I’m just feeling so overwhelmed that we will finally be home again!

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  1. We are so excited that you have a home again. I hope the process of settling in is smooth and you quickly feel comfortable there. We love you!

  2. Good luck with getting settled into your new home, I’m sure it is exciting and overwhelming, take one day at a time. We’re preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, i baked a ton of cookies today, Pumpkin and Snicker Doodles!! We’ll have dinner early, I have to work 3-11. Take care and good luck with the new house and moving in. Love ya

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