Language is Ministry

So, I’m a little focused on all things having to do with learning language since we are at PILAT this week. That stands for Program in Language Acquisition Techniques. Basically, we are not learning to speak Spanish directly, but rather how to correct our accent and how to pull Spanish into our lives instead of having it pushed in during a structured academic time. We are trying to get in touch with our inner-child to try to be open to learning language the way that kids are only at an exaggerated adult pace.

Learning a new language is something that I am dreading about moving to El Salvador. Or at least I have been until these last two weeks. Now I have a much more confident, positive outlook. But I still am struggling to trill my r’s. That’s the tongue rolling thing that Spanish speakers do. Apparently, Jon can do it and I can’t which is totally frustrating!

This whole language thing is going to be difficult, but it is also a way of ministering to the people of El Salvador. Learning their language forces me to be open to learning about them and their culture. It also shows them that we care enough to struggle through learning to roll our r’s just so we can communicate with them and bring hope to their lives. I am grateful that I am getting this attitude shift…now back to remedial r’s drills…butter up butter up butter up…if you can keep saying this you will probably end up rolling your r’s…if only I could too!

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  1. Danielle,
    I love following your journey online. Keep the updates coming! Say hi to the kids for us!

  2. Danielle, my Spanish teacher liked to use “pot of tea, pot of tea, pot of tea” for her R drills. Let me know if this works!

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