Please pray for Jared!

We just found out about a young boy here in El Salvador. He is two years old and has already suffered more pain in his young life then anyone should have to suffer. He was beaten by his family and has been in and out of several orphanages already. Since birth he has had a pulmonary and heart condition. He recently had surgery and is now in the hospital recovering. If he is released from the hospital into the custody of the child and youth services he will most likely die because he needs special attention to ensure he gets his medication and recovers well. The doctor who did the surgery said he has a great chance of going on to live a perfectly healthy and normal life with the right care.  There was a family lined up to adopt him but due to a change in their circumstances they are unable to do this at this time. Please pray for God to provide a home for him whether with a new adoptive family, or in a private children’s home in El Salvador that will ensure his health and safety. The child and youth services has even agreed to try to accelerate the adoption process if the right family is found. Thank you for your prayers!

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