Tori and Ian Celebrate the Fourth


Tori and Ian dressed in their best red, white, and blue…


Tori forcing a sisterly kiss on her little bro…


 …and goofing around!


Decorating a cake with blueberries…


…and strawberries!


Time to eat!

Fourth of July was fun for us as we took some time to be “American” even in the midst of a new culture. We spent some time with friends who are also missionaries from the U.S., and saw some fireworks that were put on by the American society. Tori and Ian will have very different memories of holidays as they grow up like “remember when we used to watch fireworks on the terrace of the Sheraton hotel in San Salvador at the American party?” We are grateful for times like this to remember where we are from, and also to be thankful about where we are. We hope you had a great Fourth of July!

3 Responses to Tori and Ian Celebrate the Fourth

  1. Great Photos. Enjoy all the photos and posts. How are you and Jon? Still enjoying El Salvaldor?? We enjoyed the 4th, I was off for 4 days, we went to Baltimore, we had Steamed crabs, it was a wonderful treat. We brought 2 pounds of crab meat home and made crab cakes….Mandy and AJ came over and enjoyed the crab cakes with us. I miss my Maryland sea food.
    This Saturday we celebrate Megan’s 16th birthday, than next Saturday we’re headed to Dayton Ohio for an airshow!! We have allot planned in the next few weeks.
    all is well here, take care,
    miss you.
    love ya

  2. Good to hear from you Dawn! We are doing well. This is a busy time of year as we have teams coming down for a week or so at a time to volunteer in El Salvador. I miss the MD seafood too, but we do get some good fresh fish here and the crabs and shrimp are pretty good too. Take care!

  3. I love those pictures! You did a great job of celebrating the 4th of July! We did our usual cookout, then experienced the hair-raising lighting of the fireworks Dale Felts brought back from South Carolina – they were bigger than ever this year! But Christopher, Adrienne and Aidan are afraid of the noise so we watched them from the car, up in the court, with the radio on! Thanks for keeping up your blog – I love reading it.

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