This Side of Short-Term Missions

Spending last week with the students from Discovery brought back a lot of memories from short-term mission trips that I have experienced in the past. The first time I travelled outside of the U.S. was on a mission trip to Jamaica where I helped to do some construction on a school for deaf kids. It was a time that changed my life forever. I realized how big the world really is and from that time on I had a desire to be a part of God’s bigger kindgdom in other countries. I felt like on that trip I gained so much more than I gave.

Over the years I’ve had great opportunities to participate in short-term mission trips. Each time God worked in my heart to make me see myself and the world differently. It seems like sometimes we have to be far from home to realize what’s going on in our hearts…where our priorities are…what direction we are moving in.

This past week I loved being on this side of short-term missions watching the team experience another culture with all the new foods, discomforts, and personal challenges that come with it. It was such a great experience to hear their reflections at the end of the week…how they were challenged, what they thought when faced with the reality that so many other people lived, and how God had been working on their hearts.

So what about you? Have you ever been to a place, or had an experience that caused you to think differently about God or your life?

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  1. I’ve been on two mission trips. One to Lima, Peru and another to El Salvador. Each trip has changed my perspective and given me much to think about. I am humbled anytime the Lord uses a wretch such as me as His instrument. I enjoy reading your blog and have a son who I think would be interested in YWAM. He is currently on a short-term mission trip with my husband in Ukraine. Keep doing the Lord’s work! Bless you!

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